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About Us

We provide sound immigration advice to help you properly integrate into the UK

We provide this immigration service together with immigration pathway assistance with the aim of EQUIPPING ALL people who arrive in Bournemouth and surrounding areas. The intention is to attend to people’ needs in a holistic way, which is inclusive in its approach to their situation and empower them. In other words, it may not only be immigration advice but it is the gateway to being properly integrated in the UK (helping them move from one place to another according to the law).


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Our Services


UK Residency

Do you qualify for settlement? / How can you apply for citizenship?

You will be considered a resident (for tax purposes at least) if you’re present in a country for 183 days or more per tax year – this is true of the UK HMRC and also other governments around the world.

However depending on the laws of the country from which you are leaving, you will need to be able to prove your immigration status in order to exercise your rights and freedoms. We will assist you to ensure you have the right documentation to do so.

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UK Work & Business

Do you need a working or business visa?

If you are coming to the UK for work or business, there are various matters/subjects, as well as regulations you need to be aware of.

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UK Visas

Do you need a UK visa? / Do you need to appeal?

Depending on your situation, you may need to send a visa application to visit or remain in the UK. Each visa category has different eligibility criteria and in some circumstances, applicants are required to have a UK-based sponsor.

To support your case and demonstrate that you qualify for your desired visa, you must also include an adequate portfolio of documents. Also, if something goes wrong during the process you may need to appeal the Home Office decision, we can help you with that too.

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Immigration & Integration

Do you need help with your immigration journey?

We all need to learn new ways if we are to settle well in the country we have to chosen to live in. While there are guidelines, nothing compares like someone who lives in that country and can give you first hand advice about its culture and practices to help you integrate and enjoy you time in that country. Again we can help here.

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We will provide you, your business, family and friends
immigration consultancy services and representations to the HOME OFFICE

How can we help?

Do you need a visa?

Please check if you do need one, there will be more than 80 possible routes to come into the UK, in due course citizens of other countries can apply for British nationality, plus dual citizenship is allowed in the UK.

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Can you prolong your stay?

You should apply before your current visa expires. You must be aware of the specific requirements or documentation needed in order to comply with the regulations as well as any additional information. All of this must be all included to finish the process correctly.
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Do you quality for settlement?

If you have lived in the UK for 5 years lawfully you will be considered a permanent resident, settled person or someone who holds Indefinite leave to remain. You will need a document to confirm your residence status in the UK.
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How can you apply for citizenship?

Naturalisation is the process of becoming a citizen of another country. You can apply for British Citizenship in many different ways, for example via your own grounds or by marriage or if you are in a Civil Partnership with a British Citizen. To do this, you must have lived in the UK for a minimum of 3 years while holding Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).
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Do you need to appeal?

If any of your applications have gone wrong and you have not received a satisfactory outcome let us know. Sometimes an appeal is the best option; sometimes re-applying is better.
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What our customers say

When your future matters… Equ-all is there for you!

What our customers say

When your future matters… Equ-all is there for you!

Liviu Razvan Popescu

Very pro and efficient services, I was granted PR very quick in only 3 weeks, very happy with the result. I recommend. Thanks

Norah & Rene

We appreciate all the help you gave us, do that Rene could get his citizenship up and running. Kinds Regards.

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