Health and Care Worker Visa

Are you a health or care worker looking to work here in the UK? If you are not free of immigration restrictions, you will need to prove your immigration status with correct support documentation. You may also require a health and care worker visa to enter and work in the UK. If you’re unsure about how the current situation affects you, you can always reach out to Equ-All. We’re here to help with up-to-date information and advice, so call us now on 01202 303 093.


Here to Help Those Seeking Visas for Health and Care Workers

On the 1st of January 2021, the UK officially left the European Union ending the free movement of citizens between the UK and EU nations. As a result, those looking to emigrate here to work must now pursue alternative routes previously utilised only by non-EU nationals. No doubt the process may now seem far more daunting than it was up until recently. Rest assured that the Equ-All team are here to help individuals, including those requiring a health and care worker visa.

We’ll advise you on the new points-based immigration system that’s now in effect and what you need to do in order to qualify for a carer and health worker visa. We mentioned routes above, and there are several of these available to those looking to emigrate here, including:

  • Start-Up and Innovatory Visas
  • Skilled Workers Visas
  • Skilled Work: Health and Care Visa
  • High-Skill Workers
  • Global Talent Scheme
  • International Students and Graduates

So, as you can see from the above list, there is at least one clear and concise route for you to follow when you’re actively pursuing your career.

Secure Your Health and Care Worker Visa Today

If you’re planning on working in the UK and feel you qualify for the ‘Skilled Work: Health and Care Visa’ category above, get in touch with Equ-All. We’ll look into your situation and inform you of whether you are indeed eligible or not. We’ll talk you through the processes and help you get together everything you’ll need to make a successful application. We’ll even help you put together the necessary supporting documents for visas for health and care workers.

Don’t worry about maintaining contact with your UK employer as we’ll liaise with them on your behalf. Our skilled experts will handle any paperwork, ensuring there is no delay in you receiving your health and care worker visa. When applying for a carer and health worker visa, you’ll need to satisfy certain requirements. You’ll need a valid passport, a proven skill level of English, a valid and current job offer with a title and annual salary, and proof of certain financial requirements.

Each applicant may need to pass a criminal record check too, and a TB test may be requested, depending on the applicant’s country of origin. If you’re a new arrival from overseas, you can apply for a health and care worker visa in-country. Suppose you’re in the UK on a visit visa, short-term student visa, a parent of a child student visa, seasonal worker visa, a domestic worker in a private household visa, or immigration bail. In that case, you won’t be able to extend your stay or switch visas.

Why Come to Equ-All for a Carer and Health Worker Visa?

Established in 2015, Equ-All was set up to provide sound and honest immigration advice to those looking to emigrate to and work in the UK. From helping visa holders and their dependants to the coordination of office activities and operations to secure efficiency regarding your immigration status, we help every step of the way. We don’t just work with an individual looking to obtain a health and care worker visa; we work with employers too.

We recognise that no two situations are the same, and so we adopt an inclusive approach, taking into consideration the person’s specific circumstances. This helps us tailor the service and advice we provide. In just five years, we’ve become the leading immigration services company in the South of England. We provide services not just in the local Bournemouth area but throughout the surrounding regions too.

You’ll always be dealing with highly trained, knowledgeable professionals who’s understanding of immigration policies and legislation is second-to-none. They’ve helped countless applicants obtain visas for health and care workers, and they are here to help you too!

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