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If you’re searching for a company that provides professional immigration services, UK applicants and residents need look no further than EQU-ALL. We field all queries, ranging from visa applications to general enquiries. Whether you’re looking to move to the UK or move abroad, speak to our friendly consultants for honest and impartial advice. To arrange a consultation, phone us now on 01202 303 093.

Trusted and Reliable UK Immigration Services Provided by EQU-ALL

Moving to a new country can be a daunting experience with much to consider and many legal entanglements to be aware of. It’s easy to find yourself with the wrong documentation and end up facing deportation. So, how do you avoid such unpleasantness and ensure you have a legal right to settle? You should come to EQU-ALL as we provide the most comprehensive immigration services UK applicants and residents can easily access.

We provide an array of pathway assistance solutions along with sound, up to date immigrate advice to help equip you upon arriving here in the UK. Our immigration advice service is delivered holistically, tailored to your specific circumstances. This is because no two individual cases are necessarily the same. At EQU-ALL, we’re committed to helping you integrate fully when you choose to settle here in the UK.

Googled ‘Immigration Services UK’? Then Let Us Help 

Upon arriving in the UK, there are an array of things you’ll likely need help with. Don’t worry as our UK immigration services include assistance with such matters as: 

  • Finding Accommodation
  • Obtaining a National Insurance Number
  • Obtaining Children’s School Registration and Finding a School and/or Nursery
  • Getting Your Qualifications Validated
  • Helping Improve Your English and Social Skills
  • Setting Up a Bank Account

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So, if you’d like our help with your UK visa application, contact EQU-ALL today on 07762 483 084. 

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    UK Residency

    As part of our immigration services, UK arrivals will be advised as to whether they qualify for residential status or not. Generally speaking, this is determined by how long you reside in the country per year. If you live in the UK for 183 days or more per tax year, you’ll be considered a resident. You’ll need to boost your immigration status if you wish to exercise your rights and freedoms.

    UK Visas

    UK visas are issued for various reasons, and you must have the right visa to fit your circumstances. Maybe you’d like to visit another country, perhaps your country of origin, in the near future. Or maybe you’d like to receive friends or family members if they choose to visit the UK. A standard visitor visa is ideal for such instances.

    For help with putting together a portfolio with the necessary documentation to support your application, call our immigration advice service.

    UK Work and Business

    We mentioned above the need to improve your immigration status to exercise your rights and freedoms. To that end, you must arrive in the UK with the correct supporting documentation. The issue is that what documentation is needed varies from country to country. Worse still, it varies also based on the country you’re travelling to.

    Here in the UK, we typically accept an EUSS reference number or a passport with a stamp or sticker. The UK also accepts an ISD or a biometric card that should establish the type of leave you possess and its duration. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our immigration services UK specialists.

    To learn more about your options and discuss further about your situation, get in touch with our team of professional immigration advisors on 07762 483 084

    Why Choose Our Immigration Advice Service?

    Located in Bournemouth, EQU-ALL are one of the largest immigration specialists here on the south coast. Despite being located here, we provide a national service, providing advice and support in a holistic way. We’ve been assisting applicants since 2015 and, during that time, have continued to improve our services so as to increase the range of our competencies. If you’ve Googled ‘immigration services UK’, you’ve come to the right place.

    Whether you’re planning a visit or looking to obtain residency here in Britain, it can be very easy to make the wrong decision which could cost you later on. Our UK immigration services are designed to make things simple and to help you make informed decisions that provide complete peace of mind. We’ll help you with any paperwork and ensure you have all the information and opportunities you require to fully integrate into your new home.

    We can even provide documentation for individuals with skills that apply to certain industries, such as nursing and medicine, speech therapy, cleaning services, and more.

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    So, if you’re looking for helpful and affordable immigration services, UK applicants and residents need only speak to the EQU-ALL team. Call us on 01202 303 093, email us at or send a quick message via our contact form to get in touch.

    To learn more about your options and discuss further about your situation, get in touch with our team of professional immigration advisors on 07762 483 084