UK Visas

Our clients sometimes wish to have visitors or visit other countries, short stay, or multiple entries VISA for a family member that they wish to see regularly.

Would you like a friend or family to visit you in the UK? Would you like to visit another country? A standard visitor visa is the way forward. Once the application is completed and submitted, it will be studied by the immigration officers. A visa application may be a requirement if you wish to enter the UK, but this ultimately depends on your circumstances. A sufficient portfolio of relevant documentation must be presented in support of any visa application.

If your aim is visiting the UK for a short term, we will do a Tourist/Guest visa – C-VISIT – UK Standard Visitor.

However, if you are in the UK as a resident but do not hold citizenship and wish to visit another EU country during your stay here, we will apply on your behalf for a Schenegen visa to the EU countries of your choice that will consider you a third country national.

Perhaps you are in the UK as a resident, and wish to travel to another country that it is not within the EU, then we will liaise with the appropriate Embassies or any other Consulate or High Commission as we have done in other occasions. E.g: USA, Australia, or Canada.

To learn more about your options and discuss further about your situation, get in touch with our team of professional immigration advisors on 07762 483 084