UK Work & Business

If you are not free of immigration restrictions, you will need to prove your immigration status upon request, either at entry to customs or any Immigration Force officer.

To exercise your right and freedoms you should arrive with the correct support documentation. This documentation varies depending on the country you are from or you are going to. In the UK this could be a passport, with a stamp, with a sticker; it could be your EUSS reference number (Jan 2021), or an ISD (preferably transferred to a Biometric Resident Permit), or a Biometric card establishing the kind of leave you hold and the duration of it. Please ask us if you need any of the above.

New points-based immigration system requirements are in place because Tier1, 2, 4 and 5 have been replaced from the 1st Dec 2020! With the end of EU free movement from 1st Jan 2021, the new routes are for EU citizens as well as non-EU citizens. We have now:

  • Start-up and Innovator visas
  • Skilled workers visa
  • Skilled Work: Health and Care visa
  • High skills workers
  • Global talent scheme
  • International students and graduates

If you are considering coming to the UK as a professional, you may qualify as someone who has a profession listed on the shortage occupational list. Please contact us to see if you meet the requirements. We can liaise with your potential employer on your behalf.

We will do your settlement visas for both: the visa holders and their dependent’s family member.

We can provide the following services to you:

  • Coordination of office activities and operations to secure efficiency regarding your employee’s immigration status.
  • We can support you verify your employees statutory right to work in a clinic day.
  • We can also check your employees with Student’s Visa – complying with the allowed hours to work and we can organise an EU Settle Scheme registration clinic day for all your employees.
  • Your application for a Sponsor License if you wish to bring to your company professionals from other countries.

Usual requirements that employees will need:

  • a valid passport
  • must have a skill level of at least RQF3 (A-Level equivalent)
  • job title and annual salary
  • job’s occupation code
  • must meet the English language
  • must meet the financial requirements
  • the Immigration Health Surcharge (per year of the visa)
  • once the Validity, Suitability and Eligibility are satisfied, you may need to complete a Criminal record check a TB test result if the person is applying from certain countries
  • The applicant will need the name of the employer and the Certificate of the Sponsorship reference number (as the employer preferably you will need to provide a full copy of the CoS rather than just the reference number). The sponsor/employer must be willing to pay the worker above a certain amount according to the position held.
  • there is no need for the resident labour market test. (the advertising process required by Sponsors to show that there were no other settled workers who could do the job)

You can apply within country or as a new arrival from overseas, but you need to know that the applicant cannot extend their stay in the UK or switch in-country application visa if they were in the UK under one of the following categories: on a visit visa, on a short-term student visa (with general student visas is possible), on a Parent of a Child Student visa, on a seasonal worker visa, on a domestic worker in a private household visa, or in immigration bail.

To learn more about your options and discuss further about your situation, get in touch with our team of professional immigration advisors on 07762 483 084